Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is it Blogger or is it me?!?!

I cannot believe the trouble I have had with this silly Blogger! It takes so long to load anything, open pages, update my blog, etc! I usually have to reload the page after a couple minutes to get it to actually finish. Is anyone else having these problems or is it just me???

I wanted to post pictures of the variable stars that I finished yesterday for Block Lotto.  I already had the one star center block finished. It was an extra from a miniature quilt I did a few years ago, so I thought it would look good in the middle of a wonky star! 

So I have three stars done for the lotto this month, but plan on getting my full 9 done this weekend.  That's the plan anyway.....

And apparently, that is all I can show you because blogger will not let me upload another picture...sigh...


  1. Beautiful blocks!! I have had trouble with blogger and uploading pictures since yesterday. I'm now using Picasa for pictures.

  2. Your blocks are great. I've started posting from Picassa and no longer have any trouble. Email me if you need more information. I find Flickr posts pretty easily too.


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