Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finally feeling well again!

It has taken a long three weeks to get over the nasty cold I had!  I am finally feeling like myself again.  I still have a little cough and throat is a little scratchy, but the achey body is gone...which is what was really slowing me down.

I'm glad to be feeling better because Tuesdays are a very busy and fun day for us.  Our homeschool group started a co-op this year and I am back to teaching Tae Kwon Do - something I haven't done since we moved to San Antonio, four years ago.  I came out of "retirement" for this wonderful group of families that we have in our group, San Antonio Christian Homeschoolers.

Well, yesterday we all brought our favorite Thanksgiving dishes to co-op and shared a Thanksgiving meal together at lunch time.  It truely was a wonderful lunch!! These are just some of the ladies working in the kitchen -
I pretty much stayed out of the was kinda scary with all those other women weilding knives and forks! LOL  I am very much a loner in my of those that love to cook but hollers for you to "get out of my kitchen while I'm working!"

All my TKD classes are after lunch, and I could barely move after all that food!!

I did get some hexies done the past two weeks.  I have also been working on a memory bear for the son of a friend.  I think he turned out pretty good!
Well, I had planned on writing much more tonight.  Why does it take me so very long to write such a little bit??  I talked to a sweet, sweet homeschooling mom on Tuesday that encouraged me to write more in my blogs.... I will try. :-)

Today I worked mostly on the memory doll for the sister of the boy getting the bear.  Didn't get any hexies done, didn't work on Jane, and didn't even think about my Raggedy blocks!  Once I get the doll finished, I should be able to focus on my quilting again!

Thank you everyone that comment on my hexies last week (two weeks ago, actually!!) and my longarm endeavor.  The rental space fell thru, but I do have it set up in my garage so I can get a few Christmas presents finished and then it will have to go back to its crate. :-(


  1. The bear & the hexies are very lovely.

  2. I am glad you are feeling better. The bear is very sweet and the flowers are bright and fun!

  3. Love the hexies and the bear. Great job!

  4. You have been so busy doing beautiful flowers.

  5. Your hexies are wonderful! Glad to hear you are on the mend.

  6. You are the hexie queen! Beautiful!


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