Monday, June 7, 2010

You totally Rock!

Well, I have been busy sewing.  I have grandma's quilt finished to the binding.  I picked up two colors today and haven't yet looked to see which I liked better for the binding.

I got my pfaff back from the shop and it purrs like a happy little kitten.  Honestly, it hasn't sounded this good since the week after I bought it!  Grome's did a great job, though I did get a phone call when he got it open asking if I had EVER had that thing serviced.  I told him I had, but we have not lived near a place familiar with pfaffs for the past 12 I don't think it ever got the correct work done on it.

Other than that, I worked on some t-shirts for my son, his wife and my grandson.

And made a small wall hanging for their bedroom....


  1. Wow you have been busy, looks great!

  2. Thanks, the machine is running every day! LOL


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