Sunday, May 23, 2010

Memory Quilt for Grandma S.

I actually pieced this quilt top years ago.  My Grandmother so excited that she got to ride in the Trout Festival parade in an old car.  She got to sit on the rumble seat, something she was never allowed to do when she was growing up because it was too dangerous.  She was so proud to have been in the parade and happy that her wish to ride on the rumble seat had come true, that I had to make a memory quilt for her.  I had some of the pictures of Grandpa and her with the car printed on heat transfer paper and ironed them onto 5 of the quilt blocks.  the other four blocks have outlines of old cars with their names & dates.  For the border I adapted the border that will be on my Dear Jane quilt (when I ever finish that beast!!). 

I realized after I got the backing ready and everything laid out that I do not have enough batting to finish, so it will have to sit until I can get to the store tomorrow.  Besides, I want to hit Hancocks for some outdoor fabric to make a couple cute aprons for my neices....its on sale this week! :-))

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