Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stitching while waiting...

This will be a very short update this morning. I don't even have pictures to go with! ;-) 

I was able to stitch up 70 hexies and two flowers in the surgical waiting room on Monday while my friend had a double mastectomy and re-build. I finished another flower on Tuesday while she napped in her room and was able to get 3 petals on a fourth flower yesterday while she napped.  Hopefully she comes home from the hospital on Saturday and I am packing up my handsewing projects and moving out to the trailer to be there for the first week, so I should be making some real progress on flowers and my Raggedy quilt!

Sadly, her surgery will slow down our quilt shop hopping but we're so glad to still have her! And its not like we don't have enough fabric to keep us sewing for years now as it is!!

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