Thursday, August 4, 2011

VBS, Tenth Avenue North, a few flowers & a How-To!

It has been an incredibly busy week, this week! I am Heidi Claire, super-sleuth extraordinaire, in our VBS progam.  I normally do the craft classes, but couldn't pass up the chance to be on stage! And our stage ROCKS! It took us the two weeks prior to get this all painted and assembled, but it is SO neat!

There is Chef Pierre practicing his lines, as I get a picture of him while he is not paying attention.  Once he noticed me, he scooted back stage to get out of the pictures.... silly Chef!

During the last week of painting & stage prep, my middle son and I went to see a concert - Tenth Avenue North. It was a much needed time to blow off some steam before VBS started, and they were SO good!! It was so HOT here in San Antonio, but they didn't let the heat slow them down one bit!!

While I didn't have time to work on my flowers for One Flower Wednesdays during the daytime this past week, I did have two hours between sets at VBS to get some flowers put together!
The picture is very dark... I tried to use my camera and the batteries were dead. I tried to get a picture with my iTouch and my son didn't plug it in to charge, so the battery was dead. So, I had to take it with my phone. :-)

I need to remember to update my tally on the sidebar, it's been a while... now I will have to sit down and count hexies....

I finished one of my sewing pouches for a friend, lets see if I can put it into a How-To. 

----OK, no How-To at this point.  Blogger keeps automatically turning my pictures and half of them are upside-down or sideways... so I will need to figure this out before I can write this.  It may be because I am uploading them from my computer rather than using picasa.  Whatever the reason, I will figure it out after VBS is finished.... sorry!!!


  1. You have been very busy! And, still time for three lovely flowers!

  2. Great scrappy hexies, will make an interesting quilt.


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