Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall-O-Ween Blog Hop - Day 1

I am so excited, today starts the Fall-O-Ween Quilt Designer Blog Hop! Gudrun has organized a fabulous 10 day hop with a free pattern each day from a different designer. Check it out!!

I finished the first project just a little bit ago...I love candy corn, so couldn't wait to get started!

I have another halloween project that I want to do that has a stencil like pumpkin, so to make this match I did the candy corn as a raw edge applique and put a tiny space between the pieces (don't know if you can see that in the pics) to make it look more like a stencil. 

I also used fleece as my triangles rather than the prairie points, just because I wanted them to pop and I had this BRIGHT orange fleece left from another project.  My son thinks I should make another and add fingers to either side and triangles all along the top and bottom so it looks like a monster is trying to eat the candy corn.  Perhaps I will make another when this hop is done....

For now, Day 1 project is finished and already on the table ready for supper. Can't wait to see what we will have tomorrow!  I have co-op tomorrow, so will check early in the morning to see if there is anything I can cut and take with me to hand sew in the morning when I have a few free minutes here and there.  If not, I will take my hexies as usual and start the hop project after supper when we get home.


  1. Great job! You are already finished with a project I just read about - way to go!

  2. Thanks! I just pulled my fabric for blog #2's project. Hopefully I can get that together tonight as it is already claimed by a friend! :-)

  3. I have been reading some of your posts. How cool that you are doing the projects from the hop. Well done. I am collecting patterns:D
    Love your hexie flowers especially the plaid one. thanks for coming by to see my red one.

  4. Thanks Carrie! The orange is actualy flames from an oriental dragon print fabric. :-) I was glad I could fussy cut it for the corn!


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