Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Liberated Houses for Block Lotto!

Well, I just joined Block Lotto this month...two days ago actually...and here are my four Liberated Houses (or Wonky Houses) to go in for the drawing.  I only like the polkadot house...I think I have too much going on in the others.  But that is all the turqoise fabric I have, so they will just have to sit at those four blocks.

I may make four houses for myself without the three color requirements of the Block Lotto.  I think a Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter House wall hanging would look good in my hallway!  First, however, I must get another border on my neices quilt since I found the purple yesterday that I had stashed away.


  1. I like the upper right house (with the monkey face in the window) the best but they all are quite striking!

  2. Thank you! Curious George is my grandson's favorite, so he had to go in a house! :-)) The striped house reminds me of a beach changing tent!


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