Sunday, July 24, 2011

Coming up Flamingos!

I finally managed to hit some of the quilt shops outside of San Antonio this weekend, thanks to two friends - Caryl and Jan.  We had fun flitting from one shop to another and driving the back roads thru to the smaller towns around San Antonio.

We started out at Fabric 'n Friends in Castroville. I started this trek knowing that all I really need is several different train prints for a quilt for my nephew.  Well, our first stop was a bust on the trains.... but I found a kit for a flamingo wall hanging that I fell in love with and decided I couldn't live without! LOL Of course, I don't want to make just the small wall bought extra coordinating fabric to make it into a lap quilt, or possibly a twin quilt.

Here's my cool flamingo... I plan on finding some summery letters to embroider "HANGIN' POOLSIDE" down the side that has the checkerboard strip. It will also have some palm fronds hanging in the upper right corner.  Then I am adding two large borders in these fabrics -

I have a darker blue/green fabric that I may use as a thin border between these two.  We will see after I get them cut and laid out.

Our second stop was Gone Quiltin' in Bandera. I actually didn't purchase anything here because there were no train fabrics AND it is on my list to return to soon.  I saw a few things I like, but was determined not to buy them until I finish my nephews quilts!  While getting back into my car to head to the next stop, I noticed my back tire was pretty low and thought "I better remember to tell hubby about that when I get home!".

Our last quilt shop stop was in Kerrville, Creations. There is SO much to see in this store!! I walked and touched and ooh-ed and aaaah-ed.  There was alot of self-talk in this store...."No, you cannot buy a kit to start working with wool until you finish the boys quilts." "No, you cannot make yourself a minkie blanket." "No...", "No...", "Ummm, ok! Cindy WOULD really like a little coffee wall hanging. Just get enough for a small one though."  That was the last conversation with myself...I had to give in for SOMETHING! :-)  So I purchased a couple fat quarters to go into my Raggedy quilt -

and a couple fat quarters to border a little "borg-like" coffee cup & saying that I am going to embroider for a friends kitchen.

We finished out the day by having High Tea at Queen B's in Ingram.  Yummy!!! I also found a few things there that I haven't had since we moved away from Enland. I will be having Treacle Pudding and custard tonight for dessert!!

I forgot to tell hubby about the back tire, I was so excited about my flamingo that it totally went out of my head! Thankfully a neighbor noticed it and left a note on my windshield, where I found it this morning (as I was getting in to drive to church...I would have totally drove on that flat this morning!). Apparently the tire went flat somewhere between Kerrville and home and I never noticed, the feel of the car never changed! Add a new tire to my list of quilting expenses... oops!

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