Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let the flowers bloom

I tried to post this on Wednesday, but internet was too slow. Lets see if I can upload it all today!!...

I was only able to finish two flowers this week, and both were done last night while I was watching NCIS!

I keep flip-flopping between keeping them all small flowers like that for a very scrappy flower garden, or to do another row around each flower and possibly add a path.... or to go totally different and do something like this:

Any input?? I love that quilt above, maybe I will just need to make another hexie quilt when I finish the flower garden. :-)

I finished most of the applique on the flamingo quilt yesterday.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to put the beads around the rim of the glass like I saw at the quilt shop:
Or leave them off and applique or embroider an umbrella in the glass instead:

You know.... my favorite tool when I am doing applique is my glue stick!
Just keep it away from the edges so you don't gum up your needle and there is no need for pins!  My resulting applique also seems to finish much flatter.  I don't use Wonder Under or anything like that because I don't like the added stiffness. The glue stick washes right out and I have used it on many, many different fabrics without ever having it soak thru and/or stain.

I have the pony nearly finished for my nephew's quilt.  Apparently I took the picture before I added the eye... he does have an eye now! LOL  He is still missing his bandana around his neck...
But I cannot add the bandana until I attach this block to the 9-patch below it because the bandana will cover the seam and drop down onto the lower block.  Now I need to draw my cowboy hat and cowboy boots for the two other large blocks.

One last picture - saving the best for last! Here is my grandson at his 3rd birthday party!! His grandpa is helping him get ready to break open that pinata!
My oldest son, is in the back holding the rope.  I can't believe my kids are so big now!  AND before I know it my second grandbaby will be here! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! :-)


  1. I like the umbrella in the drink idea better, so cool. and wow that one quilt is sooo cool looking.... When I was sewing yesterday, I realized how much I have missed sewing. I will have to take my nice machine with me.......


  2. Very pretty flowers!

    Your appliques are adorable :D Why not beads and an umbrella!!

  3. I'm all for a scrappy flower garden, then make a diamond quilt. Diamond quilts are beautiful and on my list of things to do.

  4. wow! You are one busy girl! I am impressed and inspired, maybe when we get unpacked I will dig back into my sewing and craft bins and see what happens?! Susan

  5. The 3-d hexagon quilt is interesting looking but I'm most fond of regular hex flowers. Maybe like Karen said, you can make both. (in your spare time) LOL

  6. Umbrella, yes. Double beads, no. And which nephew? ;) My machine is headed to the shop--the Janome AND the serger! Can you say "not the best week to lose my good machine!"????


  7. Love your flowers and enjoyed reading your post

  8. So cute. How about a smattering of clear beads randomly placed on the glass to represent droplets on a cold glass and the umbrella!

  9. I like the quilt you keep thinking about making and I put this comment in the wrong place the first time. I love you!



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