Friday, July 22, 2011

Everything is coming up hexies!

Our annual trip to Michigan enabled me to work on my poor, neglected hexagons! Here are just a few of the flowers I was able to stitch together during the four days of travel time.

My little bin, that I thought I was never going to fill, is starting to get crowded.  I think I will need to get two more bins... one for fabric squares, one for hexagons and then just fill this current bin with flowers. I already have most of the hexagons in this box pinned together into flower groups. There are some random hexies that are still homeless and waiting for me to get some more hexies in their color finished.

Here is my hexagon carry-case.  I keep it stocked with everything I need to make hexies and flowers. It is just four zippered pencil pouches stitched together onto batting and pretty fabric.

It all folds up and has a strip of velcro to keep it closed.  One of these days I will make some more and post a how-to.  I need one for my Raggedy quilt with a larger pouch and two of the regular sized ones, am just looking for the large pouch.  I think I will also add a velcro loop so I can hang it from my purse or bag.

I have started a cowboy quilt for my nephew. I saw the quilt somewhere (I don't remember where!) and took a picture of it. I am making a few changes to what I saw and adding his name, hopefully will have pictures to post soon.

Tomorrow I will be hitting some area Quilt shops with some friends and looking for train fabrics to make a train quilt for his older brother.  I THINK I know what I want to do for the quilt... fabrics I find tomorrow may change my mind! :-)


  1. are working....I need to catch up...wonderful

  2. Well look at you, all organized and very productive. Beautiful flowers!!

  3. Your flowers are beautiful and you are very busy and productive. I love your carry-case, looking forward to your how-to post.
    How is your Raggedy getting along?

    Happy stitching

  4. You look very organized and the flowers are lovely :-)

  5. Great job on your hexies! I've made zippered bags for each of my projects but your solution is more organized.

  6. Thank you ladies! As always your comments are that extra ooomph I need to get some more stitching done!

  7. Wow so wonderful! love the zipper pouch idea!



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