Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lil' Buckaroo Delays are Over!

I haven't been on the computer to update for days, so this may be a long post today!

First off, my Pfaff is in the shop until who knows when!  I had dropped the foot off Friday when it quit working and I couldn't convince it to get going again.  It has died several times over the past couple months, but I was always able to get it to work for a few more such luck this time.  So there was no quilting over the weekend, instead we replaced the back fence and met our wonderful backyard neighbors!

I didn't hear from the shop all weekend, so Monday morning I dropped by to see if he had looked at my pressure foot and the sad news was that he thinks its my engine, not the foot.  So I took the foot home and asked my hubby if he wanted to go back with me to take my machine, and he did.  When we got to the shop, they plugged my machine in and it wouldn't even TURN ON!!! 

"Probably the motherboard, and I can't even look at it for about 10 days."

On the way out to the car, I was close to tears because all I could think was that I no longer have a backup machine and I wouldn't get my grandson's quilt done in time for his birthday! So, my wonderful hubby asks if I want my birthday present early this year. Who in their right mind would say NO?? We turned around, went back into Grome's and asked for a demo on the Janome that I had been looking at.  It is a really neat machine, and is much cooler now that it is sitting in MY dinning room!  So my Pfaff snobbery has been broken by a Janome...

So I have spent Tuesday (after getting ready for Bunko) and Wednesday, quilting the Lil' Buckaroo quilt for my grandson.  I am doing a meander all over except for the cow print border, it just has a looped line more like a rope.  I will probably do a similar thing for the outer border as well.  The stars have a swirl between their points, inside the circle. In the center of the star I outlined the cowboy.  I hope to finish the quilting today, we will see if my headache allows that though....

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