Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lil' Buckaroo part 2

Well, I did get the top pieced and the borders on. I had to wait until I could clear the table to lay out the backing, batting & top, but got it all pinned and couldn't figure out in my head exactly how I wanted to do the quilting.  I know I wanted to do a swirled line, like the cowboys rope... but couldn't picture exactly what I wanted.  So I pulled out my extra backing fabric & batting and made myself a sandwich to practice on... and my pressure foot stopped working AGAIN!!  I took it apart and cleaned it, checked the contact and put it back together and it would only come on in one spot, and it was impossible to hold your foot steady enough to leave the pressure there and WAY too slow to actually quilt.  So I took it apart again and made sure the contact was making a good contact and where it was supposed to be and all looked well, but it is still not working. :-((   So I am off to Grome's Sewing this morning to talk to the man about whether we should rebuild this food or get a new one.  The pfaff foot I need runs $90, and my machine is about 14 years old....come on!!!  Well off I go, wish me luck!


  1. oh man, having sewing machine troubles is awful! The quilt is coming along nicely!

  2. I had to leave the pedal at the shop. Mr. Fixit wasn't even it yet and I wasn't willing to wait. I will pop in on Monday and see....and also to droll over an embroidery machine!!!

  3. lol.....They are awesome, I have started using mine mostly for quilting now....


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