Thursday, May 6, 2010

Puppets, puppets everywhere!

Puppets! I grew up with puppets... ventriloquist puppets, hand puppets, etc...they were just part of the family. Now my youngest two sons get to be on puppet teams each year for LTC (Leadership Training in Christ). I started repairing the sad little puppets for our LTC teams 4 years ago. This year I made a spider puppet, green-haired liar puppet (that looks kinda like kermits nephew...) and I am still working on this monster puppet named Leonardo.

Leonardo still needs hands & arms. The hands have held me up because I am making them poseable and my first two attempts didn't work so well. I will get pictures soon of them now, this latest try seems to be working well. So here he is.....Leonardo the Monster, in various stages of creation:



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